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I’m so happy to have you here today for the Mae Flower Blog Hop. This event has so many wonderful designers sharing their patterns with all of you. Today is so special for me as this is my design day. For this day, I have selected to share with all of you my Sunflower Summer pattern.

I designed this pattern last summer while I was visiting my mom in Texas. I was there for 3 months and was missing my home of Kansas. Sunflowers are the state flower of Kansas.

Sunflower Summer

As you can see, this sunflower has 2 rows of petals to make it really fluffy and the center is made to look more realistic. I used dowel rods that are crocheted around so the weight of the flower didn’t cause it to droop.

I would love to have you like and follow my page if you feel so inclined. I do post free patterns here throughout the year. You can also find me at

Now let’s get back to the Blog Hop and how you get your free pattern.

If you haven’t gone to the original hop first, you need to do that to get the Coupon Code. Just click the picture of the Blog Hop announcement at the top of this post to be redirected to the hop. Scroll down and find the picture of my sunflowers and get the Coupon Code.

Now that you have the Coupon Code. Simply click the button below that says “Download”. You will be redirected to my pattern in Ravelry. Click “BUY IT NOW” where you’ll be directed to the invoice. Put the Coupon Code in and click “APPLY”. The price at the bottom should then be $0.00. Please make sure that the final price is $0.00. WE CANNOT GIVE REFUNDS.

Download Button

I hope you enjoy this pattern and thank you for participating in the Mae Flowers Blog Hop!!


2 thoughts on “MAE FLOWER BLOG HOP

  1. I tried to get the flower pattern for May 2nd but it was before 9am so had to wait. Didn’t get back to computer until this morning . The code was still up but was expired on Ravelry at 7:45am . I’m guessing they aren’t available for 24 hours?


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