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Faux Ceiling Tile Trees

I decided to try my hand at something different this week. I made Faux Tin Tiles Christmas Trees.

Faux tin tile Christmas Tree

I got most of the supplies at Dollar Tree. To make these you will need: Dowel rods, faux tin-looking ceiling tiles x2, scissors, hot glue gun and hot glue sticks, paint of your choice, paint brushes, beads with holes big enough to go through the dowel rod, ruler and a marker.

Using your ruler and marker, you will mark as seen below on 2 tiles. This will allow you to make 3 trees out of 2 tiles. 2 smaller trees and 1 larger one. Once you have these marked, cut them out using your scissors.

Making faux tin tile tree

It doesn’t matter if you get marker on these as you will be painting them.

Making faux tin tile trees

Here they are cut apart. Now you will cut each tree into 3 sections.

Making faux tin tile trees

Now you can paint the 6 pieces with the background color of your choice. I painted mine in white. I did use 2 coats of paint. After these have dried, I picked the accent color of paint that I wanted. Using a stiff stencil brush and very little paint. Put your brush in the paint and then tap most of the paint off the brush so you are basically using a dry brush method of applying the paint. Lightly brush across the raised edges of each section of tile. I also lightly brushed the edges too.

Next you will hot glue the sides only of each section together. You will next put the dowel rod into the top section, use a bit of hot glue on the rod to keep the tile in place. Add the bead and use a dot of hot glue to secure it. Now slide the next section of the tile onto the dowel and glue into place. Add your bead and secure. Now put the bottom section of your tree onto the dowel rod and secure with hot glue. If your dowel rod is long enough, you can add a wooden thread spool or a wooden wheel that you can find at most craft stores to the bottom to stabilize your tree. I plan on gluing the bottom of my tree to a piece of wood that is long enough to hold all three trees.

I hope you enjoyed this little craft. The holidays are coming and it’s never too early to start planning. Many blessings.

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