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Design Mode is Here

I’ve been in design mode lately. I love when that happens. The creative juices get flowing and I can just see what I’m wanting to make in my mind. Sometimes I have to mull it over for a couple of days to figure out how I want to make it but it’s an exciting time.

I recently designed a new Bumblebee Hat for a customer’s special request. I think it turned out quite cute. She really loved it too.

Crochet bumble bee hat

Then my passion for football took over my household and my creative mind. I recently moved back to Kansas and in doing so, I realized that I owned nothing anymore. I had sold my house with everything in it to my youngest son when I moved to Maryland. So moving back, I was literally starting over. Not always a bad thing. But I didn’t have any potholders that I really liked, so I designed some. Now my potholders reflect me and my love for the Kansas City Chiefs!!!

KC Chiefs potholder crochet

Both of these designs are currently in testing but I will be releasing the patterns very soon. I hope you are using your creative juices to make something that you’re passionate about. Until next time, Many Blessings!

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